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Prologue To "The Texas Enslavement & Torture Case"

Revised on April 3, 2010

"The Texas Enslavement and Torture Case" is based on a true story.

There has been a viscous cover-up of the facts behind a miscarriage of justice in a civil court room in Houston, Texas by the entire government of the United States due to the collusion of many US federal agents in the associated sadistic abuses. The degree of corruption in the true story behind "The Texas Torture Case" is so pervasive that the US feds refuse to recognize this as a brutal abuse case! This story is based on dramatizations of a true story.  However, any resemblance between many names in this story and real names are coincidental.

This is a story by a physician about being brutally tortured by psychiatrists and by the American mental health care system. Prior to becoming the target of the same type of brutal mental health care human rights abuses as I have spent a lifetime working to wipe out I was planning to become a psychiatrist. I had majored in psychology at Dickinson College in historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania where I earned a 4.0 grade point average in my major and graduated with the honors of Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude. And I had scored at the top of my medical school classes at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on my psychiatry exams while also being rated highly in my required clinical work in psychiatry at Jefferson and in an elective in Child Psychiatry at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine. However, over 20 long years into a desperate fight for my life and for the lives of my wife and children to survive the tyranny of mental health care human rights abuses in America I realize the American psychiatrists have actually never had an interest in proper mental health care. They are all diabolically insane sadists who thrive off of the pain, suffering, and financial hardships they intentionally create for people. And the discipline of psychiatry itself is a filthy, brutal, and corrupt discipline. I made a terrible error at the genesis of my career not starting off in General Practice with an emphasis on Natural Health Care where the focus is on helping people achieve good health whenever possible, not in destroying their health for large profits as occurs with psychiatrists.

Some sectors of the federal government of the United States have been involved in a malicious and sadistic cover-up of the true facts behind the most shocking medical-legal abuse case directed against a physician in American history due to U.S. government complicity with many of the sadistic abuses and irregularities in "The Texas Torture Case". Dr Pearlman, or "The Texas Butcher", who masterminded "The Texas Torture Case" is clearly the leading criminal mental health care human rights abuser in world history. And the memory Dr Pearlmans's associate, Dr Jack Edeiken, who was another physician butcher who implemented the use of false reports from radiologists to help uphold false reports of psychiatrists against sane mental health care human rights activists, lives on today.

As for the county judge, Scanlan, who presided at the civil court proceeding which I was hit with in Houston, Texas, this animal clearly epitomizes everything one fears in dealing with red necks placed on the bench in small counties across the United States. Scanlan joined the responsible physicians in their sadistic enjoyment of ripping apart my lifetime of hard work to become a physician in a flash in this swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceeding in Houston, Texas.

It has been sad for me to realize that I was born and raised in one of the most brutal mental health care human rights abuser nations on the planet, the United States of America, which has maliciously and sadistically stolen most of my life and career largely because I was self-oriented to use mental health care to gently help people be mentally healthy and get ahead in life, not to painfully destroy them for every little sin they may have committed. Also, clearly Texas is the "Mental Health Care Genocide Center" of the United States and America's Gulag where mental health care human rights abuses are instituted with unusual ignorance, arrogance, and cruelty which is why my enemies had me sent there to be butchered with mental health care human rights abuses.

Anyway what becomes apparent in this story is that I have been the victim of an elaborate conspiracy aimed at having me labeled with the serious mental disorder of bipolar disorder by personal and professional enemies who have wanted my natural mental health care reform initiatives and other liberal positions in life brutally crushed. This has been a real, not imagined conspiracy, which the US Department of Justice has involved itself in far too deeply for good taste due to the depth of corruption and brutality inherent in the American mental health care system. What my real, not imagined, enemies clearly want is for me to live out the remainder of my life in total poverty or to end up struggling to survive on the streets or in the back wards of the nations concentration camps, or mental hospitals, not because I am mentally ill, but because I am not mentally ill. And what is even more disturbing about all of this is that the character assassination and attacks against my professional and other vital financial interests by my enemies has intensified, not let up, since I now have an immigrant wife from Vietnam and our two charming young children to care for. The sadistic American psychiatric enslavement, torture, and murder squads appear positioned to move in on what is left of my life if I let my guard down for even a moment!

I am being kept under 24 hour a day intense satellite transmitted surveillance by the US government which has also been using this technology to torture me and my family with intense electromagnetic waves directed into my brains. This is actually being done with of course the feds and psychiatrists claiming any such reports are signs and symptoms of mental illnesses I do not and never suffered from. And my vital professional and business interests have been cruelly blacklisted in New York state where I am a legally licensed physician and elsewhere across the USA and internationally by the government of the United States with an interest in undermining the credibility of my story as I am being slowly, painfully and methodically murdered by the US government which wants my revelations of psychiatric torture in the USA and my natural mental health care reform initiatives permanently crushed!

[I would like to make a movie out of this story to share the gruesome truth about "The Texas Torture Case" with the public in order to instill a desire in people to help wipe out such human rights abuses in the USA and worldwide. A good start would be to permanently abolish the chronically abusive discipline of psychiatry and to prosecute the psychiatrists for their profitable crimes against humanity. Assistance from the interested people in the investment community and entertainment industry with this desire would be welcomed!]

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